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Co-Executive Directors Kellie Sellers and Amber Comer are overjoyed to be entering year 10 and are so excited you have decided to be a part of this historical milestone for MMDC!



MMDC's own Mob Squad is performing at Roosevelt High School on Sunday, March 26th at 1:45pm


Making Moves Kids Kardio After School Program

$110/per week



Journey, you will be missed greatly....

Your memory will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace our Princess Warriar, Journey B. Butler.

 On Thursday, July 7th, we said goodbye to this beautiful angel. This #PrincessWarrior who was appropriately named Journey.  This is the first time we've lost a student and wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.  In February, Journey was diagnosed with a rare form of Kidney Cancer called RMC. RMC is aggressive and is prominent in young, African Americans who carry the sickle cell trait. Normally it isn't detected until Stage 4. In January, Journey began having severe back pains and she couldn't hold any food down. The doctors didn't know what was going on. Finally, at Children's Hospital, she was diagnosed.

Journey was a fighter. She didn't let her diagnosis crush her spirit. She recorded a CD before her passing and on Wednesday 6/29, when she was given 24 hours to live, she fought and held on until 7/7. She's in a better place and thankful she's not in pain anymore, but we ask you to pray for her family and for our dance family as many of our students are dealing with death for the first time.

Also, if you could take a minute to sign this petition and spread the word, we would be eternally grateful. RMC could be detected prior to stage 4 with yearly ultrasounds for those with the sickle cell trait. This could save a life, or at the very least prolong one.


#JourneytoHappiness. #JourneyStrong 






Health Awareness Series - Mind, Body, and Soul 

April is Body

Week 1 - H20 (Water)

Week 2 - Nutrition

Week 3 - Exercise

Week 4 - Hygiene

Click here to learn more.

May is Mind

Week 1 - Children's Mental Health Awareness

Week 2 - What Makes You Happy?

Week 3 - Anger Management

Week 4 - Study Habits

June is Soul

Week 1 - Yoga

Week 2 - Meditation



Beltsville Day 2016







Competition Highlights

The Directors of MMDC cannot express how proud they are of all their dancers this competition season.  The dancers are doing amazing and to see their dancers' growth is the biggest award they could ever receive.  Way to Go ladies and gets!!!!! 


In10Sity Comeptition in Woodrbidge, VA

Congrats to all our dancers at In10Sity, we received 4th Overall Highest Score of the entire competition!!!!!!!


Check out Diallo Brothers at In10Sity

Check out Miss Lon showing off her moves during an improv battle at In10Sity


Groove in Woodbridge, VA



Starquest in Woodbridge, VA





MMDC Parents, SIGN-UP NOW!!!!


(Dance Parents Association)

Just as parents are an integral piece of the puzzle for their children to be the best they can in academics, the same holds true for dance.  Dance education is just that – AN EDUCATION!  We need parents to be connected, active and involved in order for all of the students to succeed.  This year, we are starting the MMDC – DPA :) – Dance Parents Association.  Among other things, the DPA will help plan our activities, beginning with our homecoming month and masquerade party.  If you are interested, please leave your name, number& email at the front desk!

On Point Danc Competition Results

*Monet - A Change is Gonna Come - Gold - Passion judges award

*Diamond - A Wish -Gold 

*Tierra - iDance - High Gold

*Yakirah - Bun Up the Dance Floor - High Gold -  1st in category - Firecracker Judges award 

*Let's Get it Started- High Gold - 4th overall petite duo/trio

*Shake Your Groove Thing - Super Groovy Judges Award - Platinum

*Kickin It Old School - Entertaining Duo Judges Award - High Gold 

*KMob - Gold - 4th Overall Petite Large Group

*It's a Man's World - High Gold  - High Gold 

*Working Day and Night - High Gold High Gold 

*Say Something - High Gold High Gold 

*It Don't Mean a Thing - High Gold  - High Gold 

*Are You Ready for a Miracle - So Entertaining judges award - Platinum - So Entertaining Judges Award - Platinum - 13 and over Entertainment Award 

*Asylum - Committed to Character Judges Award - High Gold 

*Mob Squad - Sensational Swag judges award - Platinum - 6th overall teen small group

*JMob - High Gold - 1st in category 

*How Great Thou Art - High Gold 

*Proud Mary - High Gold 

*Lean On - High Gold 

*Diallo Brothers - Platinum - 1st in category - 1st overall Sr duo/trio

*Petite photogenic winner - Vaughnie Sellers 

*Ibrahima - Man of the Year - Extreme Entertainer Judges Award - Platinum - 9th overall Senior Soloists


In10Sity Competition Results

10 - Me & My Shadow - High Gold 

29 - A Wish  (Diamond)- High Gold - 8th Overall Debut

60 - iDance (Tierra) -Platinum

74 - Bun Up the Dance Floor (Yakirah) - High Gold 

91 - A Change is Gonna Come - (Monet) - High Gold 

180 - Lets Get it Started - Hard Hitters Judges Award -  High Gold  - 1st Overall Debut Mini Duo/Trio! 

Londyn Simmons - 2nd runner up in the mini improv competition. The group started with 30 minis!!  

252 - You Betta Werk - Gold

262 - It Don't Mean a Thing - High Gold 

298 - Man of the Year - Platinum

404 - Working Day & Night (Aubreia)- High Gold 

411 - Say Something - (Theresa) - Gold 

444 - Kicking it Old School (Theresa and Aubreia) High Gold 

456 - Shake Your Groove Thing - (Aubreia and Monet) - High Gold 

489 - JMOB - Gold
496 - Are You Ready for a Miracle - High Gold and 7th overall Elite Junior Large Group 

517 - Diallo Brothers - Exceptional Entertainment In10Sity Honors Award , Platinum and 3rd overall Sr Duet/Trio 

528 - Over You  (Kayli & Ibrahima) - High Gold and 10th Overall Sr Duet/Trio 

539 - Mob Squad  - "Mind Blown" Judges Award, Platinum and 5th Overall Sr Small Group 

Studio Award - Earned 4th Overall Highest Cumulative Studio Score


Groove Competition Results

We won the Inspired by Passion Award for being the studio in attendance that showed the most passion for dance through our choreography, technique, and attitudes!!!

5 - Asylum - Gold - 1st place

14 - Mob Squad - Platinum - 1st place in category
1st place teen competitive small group
IBA nominee top scoring hip hop of the ENTIRE COMPETITION

76 - Jmob - High Gold - 2nd place in category
8th junior large group

88 - You Betta Werk - High Gold - 3rd place in category
You Brought the Sass judges award
10th overall Jr Large Group

109 - Are You Ready For A Miracle - High Gold -
2nd place in category
7th overall junior large group

110 - It Don't Mean a Thing - High Gold -
1st place in category
5th place junior overall large group
IBA nominee top scoring tap of the ENTIRE COMPETITION

12 & under photogenic Da'Vaughn Sellers

Inspired by Passion Studio award Passion for Dance

122 - Shake Your Groove Thing - High Gold and 1st in category

129 - Me & My Shadow - High Gold - 1st in category

142 - Diallo Brothers - Platinum & 1st in category
1st overall Senior Duo/Trio

145 - Over You - High Gold - 1st place
2nd overall Senior Duo/Trio

161 - Say Something - Gold
Truly Passionate judges award

176 - Bun Up the Dance Floor - High Gold

178 - A Wish - High Gold and 1st in category

184 - A Change is Gonna Come - High Gold

198 - Man of the Year - Platinum and 1st in category
1st overall Senior solo


StarQuest Dance Compeition


Yakirah Clay Solo - Platinum, "Working It" judges award and 5th overall Classic solos

Monet Mabry Solo -Platinum & "Complete Commitment" judges award 

Diamond Gaylor Solo - High Gold & 5th overall Nova solos 

Theresa Keith Solo - High Gold & "True Emotion" Judges Award 

"Carol of the Bells" - High Gold, "Awesome Acro" Judges Awards & 2nd place teen small group!! 

JMOB - High Gold: 2nd overall; "Fabulous & Fierce" Judges award 

Ibrahim Diallo Solo - Platinum, "LA is calling you" judges award & 8th overall Senior Solos 

"It Don't Mean a Thing" - Platinum & Crisp & Clean Judges Award 

Diallo Brutherz - Platinum Plus & 1st overall

"Me & My Shadow" - Platinum

"Over You" - Platinum & 4th overall

Da'Vaughn (Vaughnie) Sellers - competition kindness award

Great Job Dancers!!




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